10 best Islands In Southeast Asia

5 Top Phuket Beaches

10 best Islands In Southeast Asia

Similan Islands And Surin Marine National Parks


With crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, palm trees and lush green hills, surfing places, incredible underwater life and some of the best diving sites, Asia’s beautiful islands are close to being heaven on earth. They are the perfect answer for those seeking moments of relaxation and freedom out from the hustle and bustle of towns. We explore Asia’s fifteen most stunning paradise islands to visit in 2016.


1. Similan Island, Thailand

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In the midst of the Indian Ocean, to the west coast of Thailand – Phang-Nga province, lies The Similan Islands And Surin Marine National Parks. This group of islands is considered to be one of the top diving places in Thailand and the world, mainly due to the wonders beneath the crystal clear blue waters that surround the islands.

The Similan and Surin Islands cover an area of 140 km2 including Koh Bon, Shark Fin Reef, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Most of the islands are uninhabited. This is the perfect place for diving holidays. During your Similan Islands in Thailand, you’ll discover an array of experiences, activities, breathtaking white beaches and scattered magnificent boulders. However, the most outstanding scenes are found under the waves including spectacular coral growth and very rich marine lifestyle including many of the most thrilling larger pelagics such as Manta Ray and Whale Sharks, making the hawaiian islands the ideal playground for all Similan islands divers.

To do: Best diving sites in the world. They are also home to great snorkeling, bird watching and sunbathing Recommended travel Period: December until the end of April


Diving at Similan includes a chance encounter with amongst others, schooling chevron barracuda, giant trevally, rainbow runners and reef sharks. Gleam selection of rays including eagle, marbled and enormous but graceful Manta Ray.

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Phuket International Airport
  2. Take taxi to Khao Lak
  3. Take speedboat from Tab Lamu (20 min from Khao Lak)

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2. Perhentian Island, Malaysia

snorkeling perhentian island1
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Located just 10 kilometers off the coast of the northeastern part of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands end up near Thailand as well, 40 miles away just. The name of the band of islands means “stopping stage” and relates to the fact that used to be always a major staging region in the trade path between Malaysia and Bangkok.

Is a perfect beach resort for a leisurely vacation in Malaysia. Encircled by lush greenery, facing white sandy seashores and a warm blue ocean, Perhentian Island is any occasion paradise never to be missed.

To go to the island you will need to take the bus, airplane or teach to Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu (quickest method is via Kota Bharu). There are daily flights to both cities (Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and Firefly). The bus can be by far the least expensive way to obtain from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu. From there on, you may take a taxi or bus to Kuala Besut; where in fact the ferry to Perhentian departs nearly every full hour.

To do: Scuba diving, snorkeling, sea-kayaking, sunbathing and turtle conservation volunteering Recommended travel Period: March to November


Perhentian is most popular because the great places for snorkeling and diving; generally you can benefit from the underwater world right before the resort. It is very popular since the island is simple to reach also; though through the monsoon season (October to March) virtually the complete island is shut to tourists.

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Sultan Mahmud Airport Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bharu
  2. Take either a bus or taxi to Kuala Besut jetty
  3. Take ferry to Perhentian Island

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3. Akajima, Japan

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Akajima beach is located in Akajima, the right part of several Kerama Islands, located about 24 kilometers from Naha, the administrative centre of Okinawa, Japan. Akajima Island, popularly referred to as Aka also, is a favorite daylong tourist appeal for the residents of Okinawa and mainland Japan. The relaxed and serene scenery of the Akajima seaside will make your visit worthwhile.
The ocean off the coast of Akajima houses a number of corals and fish. It is often stated that the corals discovered here are second and then those in the fantastic Barrier Reef in Australia. It really is an excellent place for both amateur divers and snorkelers, and for marine biologists to see the wealthy diversity of sea life.

To do: Snorkel, scuba dive or kayak Recommended travel Period: April to October


It’s estimated that there remain 360 different seafood species and a lot more than 1500 hundred invertebrate species around Akajima Seaside. Furthermore, there are around number of 220 seaweed species in this certain area.

How to get there:

  1. Fly to airport at Okinawa
  2. High speed boat from Tomari Port at Naha

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4. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat is made up of four big islands and a huge selection of dots and specks off the fragmented western part of New Guinea, the world’s second largest island. (Named in the 16th century by a Spaniard who idea the people here resembled those in Guinea, West Africa.). The diversity of marine existence that live under the ocean raja ampat is 1 of 10 where in fact the greatest diving in the globe and is certainly a paradise for divers.

Raja Ampat may be the bees knees in the global world of scuba diving. Unless you enjoy your dives right here, you might aswell sell your equipment! Based on the Conservation International Fast Evaluation Bulletin and their newer 2006 scientific surveys, the marine lifestyle diversity in West Papua is normally considerably better than all the areas sampled in the coral triangle of Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.Papua and philippines New Guinea. It is very the cream of the crop in world diving simply!

Most visitors reach Raja Ampat by method of Sorong, a populous city on the significantly west coastline of Papua, where there is an airport terminal, army barracks and a karaoke bar called Happy Puppy.

To do: Bird watching, Wreck diving, Sailing, Kayaking, Exploring the islands by boat, Visiting the Red Bird of Paradise Recommended travel Period: October until the end of April


Huffington Post, 2013 – “The most biodiverse marine life in the world” is how our dive and snorkeling expert described the experience here in Indonesia. If you’re serious about scuba diving and snorkeling, see our Top 10 Best Island Reefs — with Raja Ampat at No. 1 in the ranking.

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Sorong via Jakarta or Singapore
  2. Take a taxi from the airport to Sorong ferry harbour
  3. Take one of the ferries to Waisai

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5. Palawan, Philipines

puerto princesa underground river
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Palawan is among the most beautiful island paradise, from its limestone karst islands, hidden lagoons, white-sand seashores and world-course dive sites.

This mini-archipelago starts just southwest of Manila and touches almost all the real way down to Borneo, and its own collective coastline spans almost 1,200 miles. Its location between your Sulu Sea in the southeast and the South China Ocean in the northeast, both huge bodies of water, means a lot of its islands are uninhabited and remote.

Palawan is arguably one of the best dive and snorkel destinations in the global world. The 1,200 islands in this mini-archipelago are house to marine sanctuaries with healthful coral reefs, large seafood, sharks, manta rays, dugongs, sea turtles and huge clams. Tubattaha Reef, available only by personal yacht, contains among the largest concentrations of marine biodiversity world-wide.

Some of the popular site on Palawan island is the Puerto Princesa underground river referred to as among the best normal wonders of the globe – which includes been listed as an UNESCO Globe Heritage Site. Stretches along five miles nearly, Puerto Princesa may be the longest underground river in Asia and the next longest in the global world. Travelers who want to visit can trip a boat tour which will take them via an underground cave program that presents large rocks, stalagmites and stalactites.

To do: Swimming, snorkeling, and diving, wreck diving, exploring the islands by boat, visit archeaology site, underground river, limestone karst islands Recommended travel Period: October to May


One of the main attraction is the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park which features a large limestone landscape and a spectacular underground river that is believed to be the longest underground river in the world.

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Manila International Airport
  2. Connecting flight to Puerto Princesa International Airport

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6. Cebu, Philipines

scuba diving-cebu
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The province of Cebu is well known for its gorgeous islands, white sand beaches, luxury resorts, scuba dive sites, and historical spots. But before or once you head to the various tourist areas in the province, you’ll probably stay in Cebu City. Cebu is among the many island on the prettiest area of the Philippines, the Central Visayas. Inside Central Visayas you can find several stunning beach destinations such as for example:

  • Malapascua Island (north of Cebu)
  • Bantayan Island (north of Cebu)
  • Boracay Island (northeast of Cebu)
  • Bohol Island (southeast of Cebu)
  • Palawan Island (west of Cebu)
To do: Swimming, snorkeling, and diving, historical sites, exploring the islands by boat, waterfalls  & river Recommended travel Period: December  to May

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Mactan Cebu International Airport

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7. Baros Maldives, Maldives

baros maldives white sand beach
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Baros Maldives luxury hotel resort is a little coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a sandy beach and a living house-reef, just 25 moments by speedboat from Maldives International Airport 25 minutes by speedboat from Maldives AIRPORT TERMINAL just. It really is an award winning boutique holiday resort famous for discreet, personalised provider excellence. Luxury Resort Resorts don’t come any much better than Baros Maldives.

Baros has its own reef – unlike many Maldivian resorts, where you need to charter a boat to find one.

With every Beach Villa of classic elegance, set in lush vegetation, and secluded Water Villas, many with private pools, Baros Maldives is one of the most romantic resorts in the Maldive Islands, the perfect honeymoon getaway.

To do: Swimming, snorkeling, diving, romantic sandbank dinner, cruise, sunset sailing, Spa Recommended travel Period: o May to November

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Male Airport
  2. 25 min speedboat ride

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8. Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

pom pom snorkeling1
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Situated in the Semporna archipelago in of the east coast of Malaysia, the stunning Pom Pom Island is usually a tranquil and little speck of white sand land with actually no pollution, little angling no village besides sleepy resorts. Circling the island in the amazing turquoise waters are spectacular coral reefs and a sizable number of seafood species. It isn’t uncommon to come across huge green and hawksbill marine turtles who utilize the island as a nesting site.

To do: Swimming, snorkeling, diving, turtle watch, liveboard cruise, Spa Recommended travel Period: May to August

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Tawau International Airport
  2. From Semporna jetty speedboat ride

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9. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

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The Mentawai islands are a chain of islands in Indonesia off the western coast of Sumatra, recognized as having some of the most perfect surfing breaks in the world. Siberut is the largest of the islands. The other major islands are Sipura, North Pagai (Pagai Utara) and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan). The indigenous inhabitants of the islands are known as the Mentawai people.

Since the early 1990’s surfers from around the globe have been visiting the Mentawai islands to experience untouched rainforest and superb waves. More than a dozen “world class” reef breaks exists making it one the most surf infested regions in the world. Top Mentawai waves include Bankvaults, Lance’s Still left and Lance’s Right, Macaronis, and for the less experienced there is certainly Gilligan’s.

To do: Famous for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving Recommended travel Period: February to October

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Minangkabau International Airport, Padang, Indonesia
  2. From Padang jetty ferry ride to Siberut harbor

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10. Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India

Havelock diving1
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Andaman Island is several islands located in the Andaman Sea (the Eastern Indian Ocean), which are the component of India technically, however in fact are much nearer to Thailand and Myanmar. It offers internet and phone connection, elephants, coral reefs, the very best seaside in Asia (regarding to numerous international rankings), Radhanagar plus some very neat accommodation. Non-Indians need a Restricted Area Permit to visit the islands, but these are now issued on arrival at the Port Blair airport.

The Havelock island using its elegance of the superior blue waters, incredible corals and the myriad creatures that inhabit you be still left by the ocean spellbound. Exploring the marine lifestyle first-hand through pursuits like scuba diving and fishing assurance an enriching connection with coming just an inches closer to nature.

The Radhanagar beach at Havelock Island is a white sandy beach shaded by tall green trees, this is voted as one of the best beaches in Asia by Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and Time Magazine, among a great many other. It provides among the best scuba resorts in Andaman.

Havelock Island is a calm, comforting atmosphere with a chilled and vibrant out vibe. There are cafes, resorts (both bamboo huts and high end resorts) and dive centers collection the seashores. A wide selection of activities like sea walk, snorkeling, diving, cycling, water sports, Game angling, jungle kayaking and trekking available here.

To do: water sports, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, diving Recommended travel Period: January to May

How to get there:

  1. Fly to Port Blair, Andaman
  2. From Port Blair ferry ride to Havelock Island

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