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10 Best Places To Go In Bali

1. Ayana Bar

Ayana Rock Bar

Looking for an amazing experience of having a drink on cliff while overlooking the sea crashing into the rocks below can be found at Ayana Bar. Chill, drink, dance from atop a cliff and watch white water crashing to the rock walls creating a spectactular natural show on an infinity sea.

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2. Nusa Dua Private Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

Extra budget to spare? Want a pristine beach for you to walk slowly soak in the sun and the sea, then you should consider a private beach like Nusa Dua. Its an ideal beach if your planning your honeymoons, wedding photography, private getaway or relaxation.

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3. Mount Batur, Kintamani

Mount Batur at Kintamani

If your seeking an hiking adventure and a beautiful sunrise from peak of a mountain, then you should head over to Mount Batur caldera in Kintamani. Situated to the East of Bali, hiking Mount Batur is an ultimate experience for those seeking adventure and photography.

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4. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot according to Google “Land on the sea”, is a popular pilgrimage temple made of layers rock formations. Known for its serenity and cultural significance of the Balinese mythology as one of the seven temples that form a ring in the southwest of Bali. Best time to visit is during low tide so that you can walk across the water to the temple.

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5. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Looking for night life and party at Bali, then head over to Kuta Beach. Here you can socialize, party with different atmosphere and budget ranging from Hard Rock cafe to your neighbourhood cafe and pub.

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6. Ubud


Ubud is at the heart of Bali and has everything for everyone ranging from traditional crafts, nature, culture, temples, paddy fields, gardens and parks. It is an excellent place to take bike tour, adventure activities like whitewater rafting, yoga and meditation, spa & massage and shopping.

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7. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (Lake Bratan)

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Serenely resting at the edge of Lake Bratan, there is this famous temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan rest perching on the cliff rock. The beauty of the scenery of calm reflection and the serenity is a place for finding calmness and relaxation.

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8. Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

If you are a coffee lover and haven’t heard of Kopi Luwak (Luwak Coffee), one of the world’s most expensive coffee and try Google the process of making the coffee, experience the coffee plantation, how the Kopi Luwak is made and served fresh.

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9. Uluwatu Temple, Pura Luhur

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a stunning cliff top Hindu temple offers spectacular sunset view from an infinity seaview horizon. On the evening during the golden sunset there are cultural performances such as Ramayana and Kecak dance at a designated amphitheater at the temple creates a perfect moment for memorable pictures.

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10. Dolphin sightings, Lovina

Lovina Dolphins

Lovina located at north part of Bali is a popular tourist attraction for dolphins sighting, the beach has calm sea water and blackish chromatic sand. Enjoy the scene school of dolphins happily jumping and socialize with you during sighting boat trip at Lovina.

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