5 Hidden Beautiful Beaches Bali

10 Best Places To Go In Bali
5 Best Beaches In Maldives

5 Hidden Beautiful Beaches Bali

There is no short of beaches in Bali, great place for swim, surf, relaxation, beach activities and thousands of tourists. This tropical island holds many hidden beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea privately. So here are the 5 hidden beautiful beaches in Bali that you could well enjoy your moments better.

1. Perasi Beach or Pasir Putih, Karangasem

Perasi beach also known to locals as ‘Pasir Putih’ is a secluded of coast between two hills in the village of Perasi.

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2. Balangan Beach

balangan beach

Balangan is still a virgin area of the island with less tourist crowd, it has long stretch of white sand and flanked by rocky cliffs. At Balangan its a surfers paradise, swimming, laze around and build sandcastles.

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3. Geger Beach

geger beach seaweed farmer

Located at Nusa Dua, Geger beach is famous for its pristine white sand and clear blue waters with gentle waves. Its a fine place for swimming because of its calm waters, play beach volleyball, sunbathing on beach chairs and watch farmers catch seaweed.

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4. Ungasan Beach

Ungasan Beach finns beach club

If money no objection, a hideaway that only accessible if you stay at Karma Kandara resort renowned beach or the Finns Beach Club at the Semara Luxury Villa Resort. This is not your ordinary beach in Bali, its unspoiled beach has fine white sand with waters crystal clear like the Mediterranean.

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5. Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl beach is a hidden paradise as only a select few know its existence. To get to this beautiful beach you have to descend hundreds of steep concrete steps to reach the beach. Another exotic attraction around the beach is the bat caves. Best for snorkeling, watching sunset and photography.

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